Basic Linux Course



Learn your way around a linux server.

Unlike the computers you are used to linux does not have a graphical user interface that means you need to memorize comands and thype them in a terminal. Much like youve propably seen many times in those hacker movies.

This can be quite difficult to learn. I will help you with that you will be able to:

– Understand how linux differs from other operation systems like windows
– How to add and remove users
– How to Install a fresh linux server
– Where to get your linux server hosted
– How to automate the boring stuff (sehll scripts)
– Get the required look “under the hood” of linux that will help you understand day to day task much better
– What you need to do if you want to host a website
– How to handle configuration files
– How to upload and download data from that linux server
– How to backup your server


This course will use a recent LTS version of Ubuntu since that is the moast commonly used linux distibution it is very likely that you will need that knowlede far mor often than for any other linux distribution.


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