Programing Course 1on1



Want to learn programming? This is how you can learn it from a teacher with over 15 years experience in Python.

Since its a one on one you can ask any question that crosses your mind and you will get everything explained. I will make shure that you will understand everything from the basic concepts to even more complex structures.

I will teach you every programming concept that you will need to build the next big app or website.


In this course the focus will be a lot on general concepts that will work with any programming langue so you wont be locked in to any specific one if you don’t want to be. And you can go in any direction you wish after the course like: Website, mobile apps, micro controllers or even washing machines. Just use your imagination software and therefore programming is everywhere these days.

The main programming language used will be python as its great for beginners and advanced students alike. After this course i personally guarantee you that you will have acumulated quite some knowledge on programming and you will be able to write actual programs that can enrich the lives of you and the people around you. May the world never be the same again.


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